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Clocktower Pizza
Clocktower, Seapark
IV36 3TT
Tel: 01309 690 003
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Dips and Sauces from Clock Tower Pizza - Kinloss

Dips and Sauces

Clock Tower Garlic sauceSuitable for Vegetarians
This sauce contains dairy yoghurt, which some people may find harmful when consumed with seafood
Small Garlic Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Garlic Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Chilli SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Chilli Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Chilli Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Tomato SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Tomato Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Tomato Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
MayonnaiseSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Mayonnaise (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Mayonnaise (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Curry SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Curry Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Curry Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Burger SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Burger Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Burger Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
BBQ SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small BBQ Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large BBQ Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
GravySuitable for Vegetarians
Small Gravy (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Gravy (6oz)£1.20Qty:
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