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Clocktower Pizza
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IV36 3TT
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Dips and Sauces from Clock Tower Pizza - Kinloss

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Dips and Sauces

Clock Tower Garlic sauceSuitable for Vegetarians
This sauce contains dairy yoghurt, which some people may find harmful when consumed with seafood
Small Garlic Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Garlic Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Chilli SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Chilli Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Chilli Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Tomato SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Tomato Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Tomato Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
MayonnaiseSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Mayonnaise (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Mayonnaise (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Curry SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Served Warm
Small Curry Sauce (4oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Curry Sauce (6oz)£1.20Qty:
Burger SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small Burger Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large Burger Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
BBQ SauceSuitable for Vegetarians
Small BBQ Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Large BBQ Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Sweet Chilli
Large Sweet Chilli Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Small Sweet Chilli Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Mint Sauce
Large Mint Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Small Mint Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
Peri Peri Sauce£0.60Qty:
Peri Peri Sauce
Large Peri Peri Sauce Sauce (4oz)£1.20Qty:
Small Peri Peri Sauce (2oz)£0.60Qty:
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